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Need frameless in Newcastle? Call Koala Glass for supply and installation throughout the Hunter, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Nelson Bay and Morisset.

What Is Frameless Glass?

Frameless glass refers to any type of glass application that does not require a frame. It can come as traditional glass sheets, or you can choose to use acrylic glass which is durable, weather resistant and best for outdoor use.

How Is Frameless Glass Used?

By choosing frameless glass, you can make a stylish addition to a variety of projects in your home, including shower screens, picture frames, balustrades, fences, wall displays and a whole host of other possibilities.

Do You Offer Custom Frameless Glass?

Yes. At Koala Glass, we can supply and install frameless glass to suit your custom project. We can measure and cut it to suit specifications for most projects and are experienced frameless glass installers.

Is Frameless Glass Safe?

If you have kids or pets, it could be a good idea to choose frameless acrylic glass is for its shatterproof qualities. It is also lighter than traditional glass and is weather- and UV-resistance for outdoor use.


Need self-cleaning glass in Newcastle? Call Koala Glass for supply and installation throughout the Hunter, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Nelson Bay and Morisset.

What Is Self-Cleaning Glass?

Self-cleaning glass is a fantastic advancement in glass technology that takes a lot of the effort out of keeping your windows sparkling. Most self-cleaning glass products use a two-stage self-cleaning process. Dirt and grime are broken down in a chemical reaction using sunlight. Broken-down dirt is then easily washed away by rain or with a quick hosing.

How Is Self-Cleaning Glass Used?

The range of self-cleaning glass at Koala Glass is perfect if you are short on time and don’t want to spend hours cleaning windows in hard-to-reach places. Self-cleaning glass is also a great choice for offices and commercial operations to avoid hiring window cleaners on a regular basis.

How Is Self-Cleaning Glass Made?

Self-cleaning glass has a scientifically formulated coating applied to the surface that works to prevent dirt and grime from building up through a specifically designed reaction. The surface of our self-cleaning glass is also designed to increase the ease with which water runs off the glass.

Can You Provide Custom Self-Cleaning Glass?

Yes. We can provide self-cleaning glass measured, cut and installed to fit standard and non-standard window and door frames for both small residential and large commercial projects.

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