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Dog doors and cat doors

Servicing Newcastle, Maitland, Lake Macquarie, Nelson Bay and Morisset, Koala Glass can make installing a pet door easy and hassle-free for your beloved pet to come and go as they please without you having to open the door for them. We can either supply the pet door or install your own pet door (provided the pet door is suitable for glass).

The process of installing a pet door

Installing pet doors are usually installed into low level glass panel, door panels or fixed panels, which requires a grade A safety glass. This means replacing the glass panel with a piece of custom toughened glass with a hole to suit the pet door.

  • Attend the site and measure the glass to have the pet door installed.
  • Order toughened glass with a pre-cut hole to suit the desired pet door.
  • Return at a later date and install the custom toughened safety glass.
  • Install the chosen pet door (see options below).

Seamless Results

The Koala Glass team designs and installs pet doors without compromising the look of the property. To talk to the team today about installing a pet door in your home, give us a call or send an email enquiry and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

  • Transcat brand dog door
  • Opening size: 250mm high x 285mm wide flap
  • Ideal for Beagles, Poodles, Terriers or dogs of a similar size
  • Lockable, with multiple combinations: inward only, outward only, opening both directions and locked
  • Transcat brand cat door
  • Opening size: 170mm high x 180mm wide flap
  • Ideal for most cats
  • Lockable, with multiple combinations: inward only, outward only, opening both directions and locked

If you would prefer to use your own pet door (especially for a larger pet), you will need to ensure the pet door meets the following criteria:

  • The size of the glass must be minimum 200mm higher and wider than the pet door you wish to install
  • The area of the pet door cannot be more than 1/3 the area of the glass panel
  • The pet door must be suitable for glass (stated on the pet door's packaging or instructions supplied)
  • We recommend the Hukana brand pet door, available from Bunnings


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